As a second time home buyer, Steve made me that I knew Him 11 years ago when I purchased my first home. Steve is extremely thorough and knowledgeable.  He took his time to take pictures of every aspect of the house (good and bad).  He explains what he is looking for and doing every step of the way.  He checked every outlet to ensure it was working and wired properly.  He is a former New York City Firefighter and his knowledge on fire safety and hazards is invaluable.  He even took time out to explain to the current homeowner what she should do immediately to reduce any risk of starting a fire.  He truly cares about what he is doing and not just looking to rubber stamp a report so he can move on to the next job. He took his time to open every kitchen cabinet, every window, and tested every door to insure they work properly. It is his attention to detail that made me feel confident in what I am getting myself into.  He tested every corner of the basement for water, he even got into the smallest crawl space and looked for any sign of water damage.  His post inspection report was extensive and impressive. He provides you with all the pictures he takes, and gives and gives a detailed explanation for everything. If you use Steve, you can feel confident you are getting an honest, detailed report. Anthony


My home inspector Steve was a refreshing pleasure to deal with. Before finding him, my wife and I had two other inspections done (deals fell through) for properties we wanted to purchase, but both inspectors were lacking in either knowledge or in professional ability. Steve was tremendously knowledgeable about construction aspects of the building and very professional in his paperwork analysis and delivery time. Steve stands out in these aspects as the perfect choice when you are ready to make the greatest investment/risk of your lifetime. I highly recommend him, as I learned that the true value in a home inspector is when you are considering purchasing a property that needs work. Any home inspector can walk through a remodeled house and tell you what you already know…but Steve can walk through an imperfect house and help you decide if you can handle the repairs. Thank you again Steve, I will always recommend you. MX


Steve was an absolute pleasure to work with from beginning to end! I couldn’t have asked for a more professional or courteous service…..from the moment I spoke to Steve over the phone I knew I was making the right decision. I needed my dad’s home inspected after he passed away suddenly in March. Needless to say it was a very emotional time and Steve was patient, helpful, prompt, personable, and understanding. He went above and beyond to assist with accessing spaces, educating me, and even encouraging me along the way. He is a retired NYC firefighter and he really knows his stuff….he was thorough and extremely  knowledgeable. Steve provided a highly detailed report that included pictures and recommendations, he is well worth the reasonable price. I highly recommend True Test and will use Steve’s services in future ventures without hesitation. God knew what I needed that day…especially in my dad’s absence Thank you so much! Teyonna


I needed a condo inspected in Sunnyside Queens as I approached the final stages of a real estate closing. Steve provided a very detailed inspection and was able to accommodate me despite the short notice. He offered a very competitive rate compared to the other estimates I got, followed up, showed up early and did his job in a super professional manner. Not only did he give the unit a very thorough inspection, he pointed out the things I should be on the look out for/notice on the exteriors of the building. I was able to get access to the building’s roof and basement/boiler room, elevator control room as well and Steve had no problem putting in some extra work and provided his professional opinions on those areas of the building as well. Another great thing he brings to any home inspection is the way he looks at the building/unit through the lens of a retired NY fire fighter. He took lots of photos and included them all in a very detailed report which was provided within 24 hours of the inspection. With his help we were able to get the seller to drop his asking price by 10k! Steve was super professional and super friendly. Highly recommended for any home/condo/co-op inspection. Sam K


My husband and I are first time homebuyers! We needed a home inspector. After about a week of researching reading reviews we decided to go with Steve. We are so glad we went with him. From the time I called him to schedule my home inspection and even up on to after the inspection, he has answered all of our question and has quickly responded to my text calls and emails.

A true professional!!

He was so thorough with his inspection. Came with all the proper tools. He took his time and made sure he inspected every inch of the house. He was very informative. He truly played a huge part on weather we should go through with purchasing this home. We will definitely without a doubt recommend him. We also received our report within 24hr. He’s Worth every penny. FYI we will be going with him again for our next home inspection. Jessica